Interesting Facts About Hungary

Hungary is a landlocked nation in central Europe. Several aspects of the country are fascinating. Here are some exciting things you will enjoy when you visit this great nation.

Hardest language to Learn

Hungary’s official language is considered the hardest to learn and speak across the globe. Initially, it was considered that European languages are the hardest. The language is drawn from central Asia from the ancestors of the Magyar tribe that discovered Hungary.

It is Considered Offensive to Clink Beer Glasses

In Hungary, when you clink beer glasses, it is regarded as a rude gesture. The perception is drawn from the 1848 Hungarian revolution. During the ensuing war, the Austrians killed many Hungarians and then clinked beer glasses. After the war, Hungarians swore never to clink beer glasses for 150 years. Even though 150 years have passed, the perception is still a custom.

Its capital, Budapest, has the Highest Number of Thermal Springs

Hungary has more than 1000 spas spread across the country. However, its capital Budapest holds the record in terms of the number of thermal springs with more than 700 spas within the nation’s capital. They are attributed to the high number of tourists who enjoy the scenery and the healing waters. More than 70 million liters of thermal water rises to the surface on a daily basis.

You Cannot Name Your Child Until the Government Approves.

When mothers give both to children in Hungary, the hospitals communicate to the government registry which response with a list of pre-approved names that the child can use depending on their sex. Thus, the parents of the child choose one of the names from the list. If you do not like any name on the list, one has to make an application to the government to approve the use of their chosen name for the child.

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